"Simply THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!! Integrity, Knowledge, and most important great advisor on how to handle an offer and negotiate the best pricing and terms for a successful closing."

- Monarch Crest Owner

I highly recommend him

"Mr. Daley has represented my wife and me on four purchases of very high priced homes and three sales of very high priced homes. Consequently, I feel I am certainly qualified to make the judgements that you are requesting.

In hiring him, I discovered very quickly that I was in the hands of someone who was an absolute professional. I gave Rod complete control over the entire process which included marketing, advertising, negotiating and strategy. He responded immediately to anything that needed to be done.

He scores at the very top on every point listed above. My wife and I use Rod on every real estate transaction and I ask his opinion frequently. He has saved us a very large sum of money over the years. I highly recommend him to any potential customer. He or she will be very glad they did."

- Anonymous

The best in Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove

"Rod is the best in Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove. We have had 2 transactions with Rod and we were very satisfied each time. I would recommend Rod for any home in the area."

- Jim S.

Knowledgeable and professional

"I have worked with Rod on several transactions for purchases and sales. He is a very knowledgeable and professional Realtor whom I would recommend to anyone!"

- Lance A.

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